COVID-19 UPDATE from the team at Melbourne Turf Supplies

During this time we are committed to continue providing top quality lawn like Kikuyu, along with many other gardening supplies such as pavers, concrete & concrete sealants.
We can deliver all over Melbourne or you can click and collect locally here in Ringwood if you live within 5 kms. We cater to both commercial and residential customers as well as tradesman and builders.

All our employees have adopted a very high level of precautions to ensure not only their safety but the safety of all our valued clients.
This includes using hand sanitiser the placement of fresh protective gloves and masks when needed before entering each site whilst maintaining social distancing requirements.

Call or book today and take advantage, have all your Turf and Garden projects supplied using covid safety protection measures. For those people needing less than 30 m2 of turf, we can safely take orders and deliver to your home. Please ring 9847 0111 to arrange and prepay. Other products like concrete sealers, retaining wall steel and sleepers can be delivered in the same way.

Tall fescue Turf

Tall fescue Turf - Melbourne Turf

At Melbourne Turf we can supply Tall Fescue Turf
Tall Fescue is a luscious green turf that maintains it's colour year round. It is superior in it's appearance and also tolerates more shade than other turfs.

Tall fescue is a soft thick lawn that is adaptive to a range of different climates.

Tall fescue is easily maintained in the cooler months and requires regular watering in the summer months. If maintained well, you will be rewarded with a beautifully green thick lawn.

Re-seeding may be required to replace the aging leaves after a period of time

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